Email: | Tel: 07726 562716

Tel: 07726 562716

Campaigns and Alumni Engagement Manager

Location: Westminster, London

Salary expectation: £40,906 to £47,583

Application deadline: Mon 24th February

This is a full-time role

Raleigh’s global movement is made up of over 50,000 people from across the organisation’s 35 year history. Many of our amazing former volunteers are members of their local national alumni societies, taking action in 14 countries. However, many are not and are looking for ways to reconnect with and contribute to Raleigh. Mobilising them and inspiring others to continue creating and supporting youth-driven change is a key element of our organisational strategy and vision.

The Campaigns and Alumni Engagement Manager has a crucial part to play in delivering our strategic vision. This exciting new position will lead on the growth of our UK and global movement, fostering and building a renewed sense of community, engaging people who want to reconnect with Raleigh, delivering engaging events to boost Raleigh’s brand, and helping others outside of our networks to get involved in supporting the work of young people.

Deadline: Mon 24th February