Email: | Tel: 01227 637293

Tel: 01227 637293

Campaigns and Press Manager

Location: London SE1

Salary expectation: £36,000

Application deadline: Fri 26th January

This is a full-time role

The Organisation

The Peter Tatchell Foundation is human rights advice, educational, support and advocacy organisation that seeks to promote and protect the human rights of individuals, communities and nations, in the UK and internationally.

The Role

To drive campaigns on behalf of human rights victims and defenders.

To influence and change public consciousness, values and culture regarding matters of human rights, often on the issues of equality, diversity and non-discrimination.

To use the media and press to promote awareness of human rights issues among the public, social institutions, businesses, NGOs and governments.


A dual-focused role – 2/3 campaigning – predominantly public campaigning and motivating activism, but when it’s called for lobbying key decision makers. The other 1/3 is to campaign using the press and media.

The Candidate

Solid experience in devising, organising, monitoring and evaluating public campaigns and activist activities and able to point to successes.

Proven experience liaising effectively with a wide range of media and a sound knowledge of media operations and public relations.

Good knowledge of the UK political system.

Able to demonstrate a keen interest in human rights and world affairs.

Deadline: Fri 26th January