Email: | Tel: 01227 639768

Tel: 01227 639768

Location: Camden Town, North West London (NW1)

Salary expectation: £41,136

This is a part-time role
£32,909 per annum 0.8 FTE (4 days per week)

Are you keen to drive real change in Parliament? Can you convince politicians to deliver climate solutions? Excited about working in Westminster? We should talk…

As our public affairs lead, you will design and deliver a political engagement strategy to secure real climate commitments from the government to reduce the environmental harms of advertising including an end to high carbon ads, public space planning reforms to stop billboards blighting our communities and the introduction of demand reduction policies for aviation.

Are you keen to see bolder policies from the UK government on climate, public space, and tackling high-carbon sectors including cars and flights? We are seeking a Public Affairs Lead with familiarity with the UK’s political landscape who can take forward our campaigns for policy change to reduce the environmental harms of advertising and consumption of high-carbon travel, particularly aviation. We are seeking change in three principle areas:

  • Tobacco-style legislation to restrict advertising for high carbon products, namely: airlines, airports, non-electric cars (especially SUVs) and fossil fuel companies
  • Strengthening national planning regulations to protect our public spaces and neighbourhoods from the spread of intrusive, outdoor digital advertising screens.
  • The introduction of policies to reduce demand for aviation in a fair and equitable manner, including a frequent flyer levy.

Working with others in the Possible team and our partner organisations on the Badvertising project Adfree Cities and New Weather Institute, you’ll keep on top of the latest developments in areas of sustainable transport, aviation and public space planning policies. You’ll design interventions and events for innovative policy proposals which move the ‘choice architecture’ in which we make decisions away from business-as-usual and towards an economy that puts communities, sustainability and a liveable planet first. In all this you’ll be assisted by experts in the wider Possible team and supported by a caring workplace.


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Deadline: 11am Thursday 8th August 2024