Email: | Tel: 01227 639768

Tel: 01227 639768

Communications Consultant

Location: Remote

Salary expectation: £19,000

Application deadline: Mon 27th May

This is a part-time role

We are looking for enthusiastic consultant ready to work in a fast-paced organisation who can easily grasp and communicate impact to the different audiences across our work for fair finance. The consultant will be an exceptional writer across different platforms and a strategic thinker, with a solid understanding of our audiences and the best ways to share our story with them. They will join up three components of our finance work – transparency, consumer voice and our Fair Digital Finance Accelerator – with a core focus on our consumer voice profile. They will love the opportunities that come with working in an entrepreneurial environment, with a drive to deliver excellence and aptly raise our profile across core moments part of our fair finance agenda  – launches of our latest findings and research, events and campaigns.

Key Responsibilities

Content generation 

  • Draft compelling content for the different audiences of our fair finance work and for a broad suite of communications, including for our website, social media, materials and externally placed opinion pieces. Both this and the Leadership responsibility are core focus areas for this position.


  • Develop the Communications Strategy for our Fair Finance work, creating informed and compelling messages and strategic KPIs which help deliver on programme and organisational goals and resonate with audiences.
  • Provide strategic oversight to the design, delivery and evaluation of core global finance moments (such as research, events and campaigns).
  • Navigate any communications issues relating to this work.

Driving efficiency and continuous improvement 

  • Use and develop efficient systems and processes to help improve how we plan and evaluate communications for this work, and to pre-plan to mitigate issues.
  • Be diligent in monitoring the results of our communications performance, to proactively share outcomes with the team and help to improve outcomes.

Using relationships for change  

  • Build relationships with our Members, partners and donors to share their story, make them feel valued and ensure they promote our initiatives.
  • Collaborate and work closely with the Fair Finance Team, Global Communications Coordinator and Head of Communications and Membership.

Deadline: Mon 27th May