Email: | Tel: 01227 639768

Tel: 01227 639768

Advocacy Campaign Manager

Location: Home based

Salary: Competitive

This is a full-time role
The anticipated compensation is £2k per week with and the potential for a £25k success fee.

Human Rights Research and Consulting Firm, London

Our client is a highly respected London-based human rights research and advocacy firm. We are seeking a UK-based campaign manager (the “Advocate”) to execute a campaign to defend the rights of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong and Singapore.

These workers are frequently charged large illegal fees by employment agencies which can lead to debt slavery. These fees are one of the reasons the US State Department ranks Hong Kong among the worst offenders for human trafficking.

This campaign focuses one very narrow element of the problem where several UK institutions have substantial influence. The advocate will contact 25 of these institutions to advocate for the specified goals. The primary argument is that the broad spirit of their anti-slavery pledges requires them to take action to prevent their own operations from contributing in any way to these offences.

The specified goals are achievable because the “ask” is small and low cost, and there is already substantial demonstrated sympathy for the issue among these institutions. A recent similar campaign achieved considerable success. If the Advocate achieves similar success, the £25k success fee will be earned.

The job is direct engagement with ESG and other senior officers at the target institutions. The underlying research and the case to be made is largely complete. The Advocate will be provided with research and administrative assistance to keep the focus exclusively on direct communications with the target audience. A legal background is helpful but not required.

The Advocate will need to demonstrate passion, energy and a proven record of successful persuasion i.e., getting people to do things that otherwise would not be a priority.

Other key points:

• This is a full-time position with an initial term of 12 weeks. The work can begin immediately. If the effort is succeeding, it may continue for an additional year.
• The candidate should have at least 5 years of relevant experience.
• Ideally the candidate would live in London but not absolutely necessary.
• The Advocate will report to our client’s Executive Director but is expected to have sufficient experience to work independently
• International advocacy/public affairs
• Able to engage with the senior people at our target institutions.
• Understand the importance rolling up their sleeves and doing the work e.g., making the calls to target institutions.
• Willing to work to the very clearly defined strategy already developed.