Email: | Tel: 01227 639768

Tel: 01227 639768


Location: Hybrid working with at least 1 day per week in our London office

Salary expectation: £37,000 to £41,998

Application deadline: Sun 10th March

This is a full-time role


Who we are

The Fairness Foundation is a new project that works to change the debate around fairness to build a fairer society. We are a charity and are non-party political. Our geographic focus is on England, although on some issues we look across the UK. We have a small but growing team, a board of trustees and an editorial board.

Our objectives

Our mission is to build and popularise a vision for a fairer society in Britain that can attract broad support; to make the political case for fairness by researching public attitudes to a range of issues; and to make the economic case for fairness, highlighting the most effective policy interventions to achieve it.

What we do

We work through partnerships with organisations from a range of sectors that share our vision, media commentary on the links between fairness and key topical issues, research into public attitudes to fairness and the reality on the ground, and advocacy with key decision-makers and influencers.


Focus areas

We recognise that achieving a fairer society requires action to tackle a complex set of interdependent problems, so we work across a wide range of issues: democracy, education, the environment, health, housing, justice, social security, taxation, wealth, and work.


The context
Britain is a deeply unfair society, where the social contract of the mid-20th century has broken down. We don’t have a shared vision of a good society, and we underestimate the potential to reach agreement on this by building a vision that has broad public support.



The Fair Necessities

The Fair Necessities sets out our vision, based on principles that attract support from a majority of people across all sectors of society. It focuses on delivering equal life chances for children and a fair deal for adults, rewarding hard work while ‘designing out’ bad luck.


To change the debate about fairness in the UK, we need to convince key policy stakeholders – the media, politicians, and a wide variety of experts – that:

Unfairness and inequality are not only morally wrong but are policy priorities because they are undermining the health of our economy, society, democracy and our natural environment

The public are more concerned about this agenda, and more supportive of action on it, than is often assumed to be the case, and the same is true for business leaders

You will work closely with the Chief Executive to undertake research and to promote our work to the media, policymakers and other decision-makers and influencers. You will be carrying out research, writing briefings, building relationships with journalists, parliamentarians and partners, working out how to explain complex issues in simple and compelling ways, developing and managing influencing opportunities such as events and publications, reacting to opportunities for impact, generating ideas and feeding into strategies as well as implementing agreed plans.

We’d like you to start as soon as possible. By the end of 2024 you should have made measurable progress in building our profile with the mainstream media and with politicians in Westminster and beyond, as well as producing a range of outputs. This is a full-time role, with flexible hours, but we will consider part-time options. It is mostly home-based, but we can cover some days in a co-working space, and you will need to come into London at least one day per week. We’ll pay you £37-42,000, depending on experience, on a fixed-term one-year employment contract (which we hope to extend, subject to funding).


We’re not interested in your formal qualifications. We’re more focused on your attitude, skills, experience, values and your potential to excel in this role. We need someone who understands how to engage with and influence politicians (and has preferably worked in Parliament), knows how the media works and how to make complex issues newsworthy, and can carry out and write up research quickly and to a very high standard.

We are looking for a gifted storyteller who communicates well in writing and in person. You should thrive on the uncertainty, agility and lack of structure of a start-up, and be a dynamic self-starter who can work well and quickly with minimal supervision. You will need to be inventive and open-minded, and to combine strategic vision with attention to detail and the ability to execute.

You will need to show us that you have the following character traits in spades to succeed in (and really enjoy) this role:


















The Fairness Foundation’s core mission is to build a society where everyone has genuinely equal opportunities to make the most of their lives, which means that the structural barriers that some people and groups face have been dismantled.

We also recognise that, as an organisation, we need to reflect the diversity of the society that we work in, and that having a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture will make us more effective in achieving our goals, for a variety of reasons.

We actively seek candidates from under-represented groups, such as people from working-class backgrounds, women, black and minority ethnic people, people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ people, including people with personal experience of barriers to fair life chances.


If you would like to have an informal conversation about the role, the organisation, your background or your potential fit, please contact Will Snell on 07928 858882 or by email at mail@fairnessfoundation.comOur online application form has just three questions (why we should hire you, why you want the job, and how you would get our work onto the media and political agenda). We’ll ask you to answer the last question by recording a short video.

Our online application form has just three questions (why we should hire you, why you want the job, and how you would get our work onto the media and political agenda). We’ll ask you to answer the last question by recording a short video.

Interviews will take place in late March. The preferred start date for this post is early May 2024.

Deadline: Sun 10th March