Email: | Tel: 01227 639768

Tel: 01227 639768

Senior Campaigner

Location: London

Salary expectation: £35,500

Application deadline: Mon 17th May

This is a part-time role

The London Cycling Campaign has been successful in winning high quality cycling infrastructure, low traffic neighbourhoods and making London’s roads safer for all. But there is still a long way to go. At the same time, the climate emergency and impact of Covid-19 mean it is even more urgent that transport in London becomes greener and healthier.

We need to go further, faster. That’s where our new Senior Campaigner comes in. As the lynchpin of our Campaigns Team you will play a central role in creating and delivering both centrally-led and localised, grassroots campaigning that will accelerate and deepen our impact. Because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it will help deliver our vision for London, you will also help our organisation become more representative of London’s diversity.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Co-ordinate the day-to-day work of LCC’s 8 person campaigns team
  • Keep a general overview of LCC’s campaigning (both centrally and by LCC’s local groups)
  • Respond to media and public speaking requests, fielding them directly or lining up other staff
  • Set proactive and reactive campaign tactics in collaboration with other staff
  • Maintain an open dialogue with LCC’s Marketing & Membership Team on campaigns-related communications
  • Manage 2-3 staff whose prime focus is supporting LCC’s group network, taking a hands-on role with this work from time to time
  • Manage the general campaigns budget
  • Support the CEO in creating campaign strategies
  • Collaborate with the Fundraising and Partnerships team on funding proposals, delivery and reporting
  • Write campaign reports and opinion pieces, and lead/contribute to the creation of campaigns collateral
  • Be the staff lead for reporting to the Campaigns & Active Membership subcommittee of the LCC Board
  • Build and maintain key stakeholder relationships with external organisations and representatives

Deadline: Mon 17th May