Email: | Tel: 01227 639768

Tel: 01227 639768

Communications Lead

Location: SE1, London

Salary expectation: £21,600 to £24,300

Application deadline: Sun 5th December

This is a part-time role

You will be joining PEAS at an exciting time as we move into implementing our new ambitious strategy, PEAS 2022-2026 – Growing PEAS schools. Supporting all schools. During this period we will grow our school networks to double their size, launch in a third country and expand our wider impact by strengthening education systems.

Since starting in Uganda 12 years ago, we’ve gained a reputation as a reliable and impactful operator of low-cost school networks. Our new strategy is to build on that solid base to focus on ambitious growth – through expansion of our school networks but more crucially through systems strengthening. This new role will support PEAS to raise our profile to a range of diverse audiences – from technical funders and institutions to corporates and philanthropists – with the ultimate goal of significantly increasing our influence and attracting new funders.

This is an ideal role for a candidate looking to transform PEAS external communications and play an instrumental role in establishing PEAS as a global thought leader in secondary education.

Outcomes of the role

  • PEAS is increasingly viewed as the go-to organisation for all things relating to the delivery of quality secondary education in challenging environments
  • PEAS has a bank of engaging communications materials (including videos and case studies), that can be used to attract and retain a variety of funding partners, which is refreshed periodically
  • PEAS has an annual communications plan in place
  • PEAS audience and engagement across PEAS owned channels has increased specifically email and social media

Deadline: Sun 5th December