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Tel: 01227 639768

Bespoke Job Alerts

With the current crisis, finding jobs in the charity and not-for-profit sector  that suit your needs is now harder than ever. Therefore, we can trawl all the major, and also the minor, job websites to ensure you don’t miss opportunities to further your career.

Please email us to let us know the following 5 bits of information.

Level of job

Salaries in brackets cover around 75% of the jobs with these titles

  • Assistant (£18-26k)
  • Officer (£28-34k)
  • Manager (£35-48k)
  • Head (£45-60k)
  • Director (£50-75k)
  • Chief Executive (£60-150k)

Choose 1 or more levels


Minimum salary

State a minimum level in pounds


Job Function

  • Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • Campaigns
  • Advocacy
  • Policy
  • Parliamentary
  • Digital & Social Media
  • PR, Press & Media
  • Marketing
  • Chief Executive
  • Trustees
  • Fundraising (we will be in touch to talk specifically)
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Human Resources

Please choose 1 or more. If you can’t find a function you are looking for let us know and we will advise.



Full-time or Part-time


Please email your choices to

We will email you back with payment details – £75 for 10 alerts