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Jonathan Dearth is the founder of The Right Ethos recruitment consultants. He has worked for campaigning organisations including Shelter, Amnesty International and Liberty from 1993 to 2007. He found using existing recruitment consultants unsatisfying as “they didn’t really understand campaigning organisations or the type of people who wanted to work for them”. This prompted the formation of The Right Ethos in 2007 – finding those who were motivated to work for long term change and matching them with appropriate campaigns.

Jonathan is a member of the Senior Jobsharing Network which works to promote the benefit of Jobsharing across the charity sector.

In 2017, Jonathan presented the Economic Justice Award at the Sheila McKechnie Campaigners Awards.

In 2010, he contributed to the NCVO’s Trustee guide to campaigning and influencing.

In 2008 and 2009, he was the only recruitment consultant appointed to sit on the steering group to develop the National Occupational Standards for Campaigning. He has also sat on an expert panel run by Skills – Third Sector examining the possibility of an apprenticeship in campaigning.

Jonathan was a Councillor in Islington between 1998 and 2006, including being the Mayor of Islington.

In 2006, has also been admitted into the Freedom of the City of London. In 1993, he was made an Honorary Lifetime Member of University of Exeter Guild of Students.

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About The Right Ethos

The Right Ethos was set up after our founder, Jonathan Dearth, had worked in the campaigning sector for 13 years, for campaigning organisations including Amnesty International, Shelter, Liberty and the World Development Movement. It was set up as a response to multi-sector recruitment consultancies moving in on the charity sector, and in particular not recognising that people who work for campaigning organisations are motivated by justice and long term change.