Coaching to help your career

Do you need Career Coaching?

1. Are you at the start of your career and have applied for more than 10 roles and not been offered an interview?
There maybe a problem with the type of roles that you are applying for or how you complete applications forms, CVs and covering letters. Or it simply could be the competitive job market.
Career Coaching can help identify what the issue is and then help to give you your best chance of getting your career going with expert advice and guidance from someone with experience in the campaigning and charity sector.

2. Do you have more than 3 years experience and have applied for more than 6 roles and not been offered an interview?
If so, it could be a problem with your applications or the jobs you are going for. After 6 unsuccessful applications, you may wish to consider career coaching as an option to get your career back on track.

3. Have you had 5 or more interviews and not been appointed to a role?

Charities usually aim to interview between 4-7 candidates for a role, so there’s no evidence to suggest that there’s a problem should you have 1-3 interviews where you have not been appointed. However, once you’ve had 5 or more interviews without success, it could be that some advice, guidance and possibly including some mock interviews would make a real difference to gaining your next job.

One-to-one individual attention on your career

To help you get your next role or help you make an informed decision about your future, talking to our Career Coach at The Right Ethos could make a real difference to your life and work.

Our sessions are all about equipping individuals with practical guidance on how to move up, across or into a completely new field altogether. Many people recognise that they need to take control of their careers and that a career coach can help them to do so.

Often not being pro-active about your career management can mean that your career drifts, and that you don’t look for or take opportunities at the optimum time for your career.

We can offer guidance on a range of areas including career development and career changes as well as highly practical advice on job hunting. Our Career Coach could help you to re-shape your CV, so that while it remains truthful about your experience and skills, it presents you in the best light to potential employers. As a result you’ll have a CV that best articulates your skills to employers.

Our Career Coach aims to help people understand their transferable skills, knowledge, abilities and personal strengths. Some clients have the right skills, experience and ethos but require help in convincing employers to hire them.

We can also help set careers objectives or provide practical support through the job search process.

We can also offer you direct guidance on interview. We can advise on your technique, preparation and very often on background information on the individual members of the interview panel you maybe about to face.

Your coach will be someone with the right ethos. They will have significant experience having worked for some of the major campaigning organisation or charities – for example, Amnesty International, Shelter, the World Development Movement and Liberty amongst many others.

Sessions are generally held via Skype



Sessions are 1 hour long

1 session – £65
2 session – £118
3 session – £175
5 session – £285


I got the job! And I think our session really helped me to focus.”  Alison Meston (2019)

“…thanks for your support today. I finished a application as soon as we got off the phone … That I would not have done if I had not spoken with you.”

Dr. Tallyn Gray (2019)

“After meeting for just one hour I left with much greater clarity on my skills and experience and how to explain them to prospective employers. He helped identified holes in my CV and application approach and gave constructive, practical advice on how to rectify this. Within three weeks I got an excellent job that a few months beforehand would have felt out of reach.” – Lucy H.

“I got the job! Thanks again for the help with the interview preparation, it really helped.” – Kate Z.

“Thank you for absolutely excellent feedback and guidance! It was exactly what I needed. I’ll be in touch once I’ve reworked my CV” – SB

“That’s great! Really useful, thanks very much” – Caroline F

About The Right Ethos

The Right Ethos was set up after our founder, Jonathan Dearth, had worked in the campaigning sector for 13 years, for campaigning organisations including Amnesty International, Shelter, Liberty and the World Development Movement. It was set up as a response to multi-sector recruitment consultancies moving in on the charity sector, and in particular not recognising that people who work for campaigning organisations are motivated by justice and long term change.