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Archive – Jonathan Ellis

Jonathan Ellis is the author of the book Campaigning for Change – an essential guide for campaigning around the world which is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions – see: Campaigning for Change: An Essential Guide for Campaigning Around the World.


His most recent role in the sector was as Head of Policy, Research and Advocacy at the British Red Cross. He is also a visiting lecturer at City University in London on the MA in political communication. In addition he leads advocacy campaigns training for BONDINTRACNVCO and the Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

Previously he was director of advocacy at the British Refugee Council, chief executive at the Empty Homes Agency and has led UK and international campaigns for Oxfam GB. He has extensive experience of delivering advocacy campaigns training and support across the world including: Bangladesh, Haiti, Nigeria, Somaliland, South Africa, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand and across Europe.

Among his voluntary roles, Jonathan is Chairman of the Bishop Simeon Trust (supporting orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa) and a trustee of City of Sanctuary (building a national movement in defence of asylum seekers and refugees); DENS (tackling homelessness in West Hertfordshire); and the Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum (MRCF) in West London.

Born in South Africa, he was educated at Durham (BA Hons History), Leicester (PGCE), and Loughborough (MBA) universities.

The views expressed in this blog are Jonathan’s own

Follow Jonathan on Twitter: @JonathanMHEllis

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About The Right Ethos

The Right Ethos was set up after our founder, Jonathan Dearth, had worked in the campaigning sector for 13 years, for campaigning organisations including Amnesty International, Shelter, Liberty and the World Development Movement. It was set up as a response to multi-sector recruitment consultancies moving in on the charity sector, and in particular not recognising that people who work for campaigning organisations are motivated by justice and long term change.