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Weekly Parliamentary Briefing


Week beginning: Monday 20th September 2021

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House of Commons 

Monday – Nothing gets the heart racing like a Monday afternoon debate on pensions. Today sees a bill race through all it’s stages ion a day – it cements the mechanism by which pensions will go up in the 2022/3 tax year.

Tuesday – The Labour Party has a day to set the agenda today. No word on topic(s) as yet.

Their last one was about Universal Credit, which maybe could have made some of the government a little uncomfortable. Somewhat fortuitously for them, Boris Johnson began his reshuffle, firing Gavin Williamson just as the debate started.

Wednesday  – PMQs.

More technical, financial bills today. First one on fraud, the second on setting up post-Brexit subsidies. It’s an afternoon for the purists.

Thursday – Two important dbates today. The first will, I hope, have some kind of impact. It’s about Baby Loss Awareness Week. The pain and horror of losing a baby is more than I can possibly imagine. How people handle that and battle through their day to day lives is a mystery. If one MP (and there will be lots) can stand up and help people understand, raise the profile, encourage people to support each other, to help each other get through… that can only be a good thing.

After that MPs will debate human rights in Kashmir. A truly awful situation that I fear this short debate in Parliament will do little to improve.

House of Lords

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