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Weekly Parliamentary Briefing


Week beginning: Monday 10th January 2022

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The week ahead…


Not in Parliament

Disruption. Lots of disruption. Armies. Nightingales. Rising figures. PM doubling down on his plan for us to hunker down and get through this.

House of Commons 

Monday – Nuclear funding (see above) and a statement from Rishi Sunak on the economy.

Tuesday – Labour have an opportunity to call a debate. Nothing has yet been announced, but if it’s not something about the cost of living, I’ll eat my hat.  It should be noted that I’ve been forced to eat many, many hats in my time.

Wednesday – PMQs. Unclear whether Rayner or Starmer will be doing it. It will be Day Seven of KS’s isolation, but he might like to do it by video. Rayner is pretty good at it, though. We’ll see. The PM put up a pretty good performance this week. It’s all a bit testy right now. Worth tuning in at 12pm.

That’s followed by a fairly technical bill trying to sort out commercial rent disputes following this virus and lockdowns and all that stuff.

Thursday – Two debates today. One on ‘Effectiveness of the Government’s education catch up and mental health recovery programmes’ and the other on the upcoming Online Safety Bill (expect to be reading a lot more on that soon).

Friday – Private Members Bill day! First up it’s one that is doing pretty well and might actually make it into law. It aims to ensure we all get decent careers guidance in schools. Then another that’s on it’s way to become a law – increasing the people who aren’t allowed to be local councillors or mayors etc. Generally, those who have committed offences of a nature that if I write it here your spam filter will delete this email.

House of Lords

Monday – The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (that’s the one that’s often referred to as the Protest Bill) is back for a fourth day of the report stage.

Tuesday – It’s another day of Health and Care Bill action.

Wednesday – If you liked Monday’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts BIll, you’ll love today’s debate – it’s back for a fifth day.

Thursday – And another day of Health and Care scrutiny

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