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Weekly Parliamentary Briefing


Week beginning: Monday 21st June 2021

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The week ahead…


Not in Parliament

Thursday, 5pm (probably), and simultaneously in the Commons,  we’ll hear about the travel vibes.
House of Commons 

Monday – Opposition Day debate. Labour choose the topics – today it’s both planning and the steel industry.

Tuesday – This week, there has been joint work between Brandon Lewis (Northern Ireland Secretary), Sinn Fein and the DUP. It’s pretty unheard of. One of the ways in which they’ve got things going is a Bill, due in the Commons today, about a range of things.

Last night, though, the leader of the DUP, Edwin Poots, resigned. The DUP aren’t big fans of this working together. He’d been in post for 21 days.  Not sure if this bill will still go ahead.

Wednesday  – PMQs.

Every few years, there needs to be a Bill in Parliament to make sure we still have armed forces. This is that bill.  It does make a couple of minor changes, too.

Thursday – General debates today. One on ‘Comprehensive and progressive agreement for Trans-Pacific partnership’ the other on ‘UK defence spending.

House of Lords

Monday – The Environment Bill rumbles on.

Tuesday – This qualifications bill that standardized things across the UK is back for its 4th day in the Lords.

Wednesday  – Liked Monday’s debate on the Environment Bill? You’ll love today. It’s Day 2 of the committee stage.

Thursday –  Debates on social care and also the need to promote tourism in the UK.

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