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Weekly Parliamentary Briefing


Week beginning: Monday 15th March 2021

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The week ahead…

House of Commons

Monday – The Police Bill (see above gets its first debate in Parliament. Priti Patel will introduce it at 3.30 or so. It will be worth a watch.

Also, it’s worth noting the power of petitions. The promised Westminster Hall debate for petitions that get over 100,000 signatures is coming for the petition to keep schools closed until May.

Tuesday – More policing and Matt Hancock is up in front of Jeremy Hunt and the Health Select Committee at 10.30am.

Wednesday  – PMQs will also probably have a police-y vibe to it. That’s followed by a chance for the SNP to choose a topic to debate. As yet, there is no word on their selection.

Thursday – Debates on World Water Day and the UK’s Commitment to Reconciliation, Accountability and Human Rights in Sri Lanka.  Neither of which will have a massive impact on anyone’s life.

Friday – We might see the return of Private Members Bills today if MPs give them the green light. I don’t think a list of what would be debated has yet been released.

House of Lords

Monday – The Domestic Abuse Bill is back.

Tuesday – It’s the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill today. It’s not long been in the Lords from the Commons and today is their first opportunity to suggest and vote on amendments.

This limits the time frame in which members of the armed forces can be held liable for crimes committed while on duty.  This follows various claims in relation to Iraq between 2003-2009.  There were also allegations about ‘detention operations’ in Afghanistan between 2005 – 2013.

On top of the time limits, this bill allows those facing the allegations to have the pressures placed on them to be taken into consideration.

Wednesday  – The Fire Safety Bill is the big one today. This is about Grenfell style cladding, who pays for its replacement and when it can all just get done. There are lots of stories about buildings having a fire rota in which someone stays up and keeps an eye out. That kind of fear just can’t be right.

There have been lots of concessions for tall buildings, but still not much for short buildings. This one has been back and forth between the Commons and the Lords.

Thursday – Yeah. Probably not worth watching the Lords today.

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