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Weekly Parliamentary Briefing


Week ending: Friday 16th October 2020

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A very quick Brexit update

The Prime Minister had said that if we didn’t have something meaningful by yesterday, we’d walk away.

I suggested that he would find something to be pleased about and allow talks to continue.

He didn’t do that (see, I told you I’m always wrong), instead he just said he wasn’t going to walk away. He’s going to keep an eye on what else happens this week.

Enter Dominic Raab, this morning. He said that we want a deal (as everyone has said since 23rd June 2016), but that he was ‘surprised and disappointed’ by the European Council. Erm. Is he? Apparently, they’re not being ‘flexible’ enough on fishing and state aid.

It didn’t sound like we were going to pull out, though. Johnson will speak at some point this afternoon about a plan. Expect there to be more talks in the future.

Raab, I’m afraid, will have to continue to be surprised by something that has been going on for months and months. Wait till he finds out how ‘flexible’ we’ve been on the issue.


The week ahead…


Not in Parliament

Tier negotiations. Circuit break announcements (at least for Wales). All the restriction stuff. 
(I can’t break this down into days as I have no idea when it will happen)

House of Commons

It’s the last week of Parliament before half term recess.  There isn’t much on, presumably to allow everyone to carve their pumpkins.

Monday – It’s the Brexit bill on immigration. Mostly very technical, but the Lords have put in some things about child refugees, which the government will take out today.

Thinking of immigration, there is a petition debate in Westminster Hall (the mini debating chamber) about stopping illegal immigrants arriving by boat and then removing them if they do.

Tuesday – The main business today is a debate on Black History Month.

Wednesday  – PMQs.  A little fire is quickly trodden out.

Next up is an Opposition Day from the Labour Party.  They want to talk about the ability to fire and rehire people on different (worse) pay and conditions.  They’d also like to highlight issues in care homes.

Thursday – General debate about the virus.

Friday – Private Members Bills in the Commons. These are when individual MPs can put forward their own ideas for bills, take them to the Commons and watch them wither and die.

House of Lords

Monday – That bill that is really technical and boring, but also includes the UK breaking international law in Northern Ireland arrives in the Lords. It’s going to get a very, very rough ride.

Tuesday – More Internal Markets Bill.

Wednesday  – The immigration bill from Monday in the Commons is back for consideration.

Thursday – Very little.

Friday – Nothing.

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