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GE19 – Weekend Briefing

Week ending: Friday 6th December 2019

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Stripping it back

All the different parties are identifying the problems they see in the country and suggesting their own solutions.

The highlight of my week (yes, I should get out more) was the clear choice we were offered on Monday. Car tax generates £1.5bn a year. The Conservative Party want to spend that on road improvements. The Labour Party want to spend it on reducing rail fares. That’s your choice from the Big Two. There is no right answer. There is no wrong answer. Just what you think it’s right to do.

Now, I understand that the election is not going to be won or lost on the basis of that choice. It could, though, help you make your mind up. Be the nudge that pushes you in one direction or another.

I’ve spent a long time in this email decrying the poor level of the campaign. It doesn’t feel like parties and party leaders are standing up every day banging the drum for their vision of the future. Those solutions aren’t always as clear to see. They are there though.

About The Right Ethos

The Right Ethos was set up after our founder, Jonathan Dearth, had worked in the campaigning sector for 13 years, for campaigning organisations including Amnesty International, Shelter, Liberty and the World Development Movement. It was set up as a response to multi-sector recruitment consultancies moving in on the charity sector, and in particular not recognising that people who work for campaigning organisations are motivated by justice and long term change.