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Campaigning using New Media

At the last few campaign training events that I have attended, there seems to be a constant theme emerging – we must make more use of new media. And there are campaigners scratching their heads as they muse over how they might use these new techniques to advance their campaigning.

I must confess that my heart just sinks when I hear such talk. For me campaigning is all about people inspiring people to get involved and take action. Successful campaigning is all about the human touch, and we will never be able to motivate campaigners by just relying on new media.

Or at least that is what I used to think, but I hope that I am big enough to realise when I am wrong, and there has been one web site that has made me re-think my traditionalist outlook.

I would urge you to visit this website:

This campaign is being led by Searchlight to counter racism and fascism with support as I understand from ‘Blue State Digital’, which was involved with Obama’s successful campaign last year.

I registered a few months ago and I have been bowled over by their approach to new media campaigning. Their upbeat emails present a clever mix of campaigning asks and funding appeals, and they are excellent at giving you feedback on your actions using each action to build momentum for the next action.

So if you share my traditionalist approach to campaigning, just check out this website and you will see an energising 21st century approach to campaigning. And I for one now need to re-think my view on new media with its genuine potential to harness campaigning energy.