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Tel: 01227 639768

Our crisis response – Radical and fundamental reduction in our fees

As with any national and global crisis, it is always the poorest and most vulnerable people who will suffer.

And it will be the charities and organisations that we have worked with over the last 13 years whose resources over the coming months and potentially years which will be stretched to the absolute limits.

The Right Ethos was set up in 2007 after our Director’s themselves worked for campaigning organisations & charities including Amnesty International, Save the Children, Scope, Shelter, Liberty, PLAN International, EveryChild and Global Justice Now (then WDM).

Personally, we have committed the last 27 years to as employees and as committed service providers to the charity sector.

We have taken the decision that decisive and clear action needs to be taken to help support the not-for-profit sector, to demonstrate our commitment and to live up to our name – The Right Ethos.

At least until the end of June 2020, we are going to work at drastically reduced fees. For all the organisations that we have successfully placed candidates with since 2007 and our former employer when we worked in the sector – which is most of the Top 100 charity brands and many more organisations of all sizes – we will only charge 10% compared to our usual standard fee which is over 1 & a half times this fee.

If you are not sure if The Right Ethos has helped your organisation in the last 13 years then please send me an email  

We will also offer a severe fee reduction to new clients – way below what is regarded the market rate.

Charities are going to need to be fully resourced in terms of staff at this time and we don’t intend to exploit the current situation by excessively profiteering out of this crisis. And in fact, The Right Ethos want to make our contribution to reducing the recruitment costs for our clients who will need it now more than ever.

Please let your recruitment, HR and senior colleagues be aware of our stance so that your organisation does not need to spend excessively on recruitment during this current crisis.