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In the light of all the re-ignited publicity around the Post Office scandal, I have written to REC – the Recruitment and Employment Confederation to suggest that they run a campaign #DontRecruitForFujitsu – where they actively discourage recruitment consultancies from supplying candidates to them. Clearly, The Right Ethos would not be affected as we don’t work in this sector. But, if recruitment agencies who did and particularly those who have worked for Fujitsu previously, were to say that they #DontRecruitForFujitsu this would be a good thing.

With government contracts signed there is very little that can be done to get out of these agreements. However, if Fujitsu are undermined by being made unable to fulfil these contracts then their profits from the government can be affected.

The next stage of the campaign could go onto to be #DontWorkForFujitsu – where candidates are encouraged not to apply for jobs at Fujitsu.

And possibly current employees are stimulated to leave Fujitsu – maybe after a reasonable time period so that no more individuals take a personal and an immediate hit on their livelihoods – for example by the end of 2026.