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Current Candidates List

A small selection of the candidates on our database who are actively seeking work at the moment – April 2017.


Campaigns Manager Ref: C204

A has spent over 12 years at a human rights campaign as Campaigns Officer. For 18 months, Information Officer at an international NGO.

Campaigns Manager Ref: C1242

C works currently at a human rights campaign as their Campaigns Organiser. Nearly 4 years at a major international NGO becoming a Campaigns Officer. Earlier this year at an environmental campaign as their Senior Campaigner and as a Copywriter at an international NGO.

Senior Campaigns Officer Ref: C3204

N is currently and for the past 2 years, has been Campaigns Officer for a health charity. Previously spent 3 and a half years working with MPs as Campaign Organiser and Constituency Assistant. Also, I0 months employed as a full-time Campaigns Organiser for a target seat in the 2010 General Election MA International Politics: International Relations.

Senior Campaigns Officer Ref: C1104

A is currently and for the past 4 years, Campaigns Officer at a major children’s charity. Previously spent 3 and half years at a health campaign as a Policy and Campaigns officer.

Campaigns Officer Ref: C243

S is currently a Local Organiser at a major union – managing, mobilising and developing volunteers and stakeholders. Previously employed as a full-time Campaign Organiser for the Labour Party for 18 months.

Campaigns Officer Ref: C784

H has worked for a community engagement charity for 3 years becoming their Campaigns Coordinator. At another similar organisation she worked as their Communications and Events Officer for 6 months. She also worked for a major international NGO for 6 months as their Volunteer Development Officer.

Campaigns Assistant/Officer Ref: CAM3329

CR has worked 14 months as Political Assistant for a trade association, Also 3 years Parliamentary Assistant for an MP.

Campaigns Officer Ref: CAM5112

FD has worked for 10 months as Public Affairs & Campaigning Assistant for a health charity. Also, 18 months as Communications Officer for a charity.

Campaigns Officer Ref: CAM1200

RH has had a short term contract with a national charity as Campaigns Assistant. She has had two further contracts with the as a Communications Officer.

Campaigns Officer Ref: CAM3351

ZR has worked for 3 years working freelance as Campaign Officer and Communication Strategist developing and monitoring campaigns strategies for MPs. She also has been a Website Assistant for a think tank.

Campaigns Officer Ref: CAM1012

RT has worked for over 2 years at an international campaign as Project Coordinator delivering a global lobbying project. She has also worked for 9 months as Research Officer for an international campaign.

Head of Campaigns/Public Affairs Ref: PAF6352

Prior to his sabbatical, NS worked at a major social justice campaign for just under 2 years. Before this role he was a Local Campaigns Officer at health charity for a 6 month contract. His previous contract was a role at disability charity as Campaigns Manager. His permanent roles before this included working as the Head of Campaigns for 18 months with a national youth organisation. Prior to this NS was Head of Public Affairs at a health charity for 2 years. He also spent just over 3 years working for another health charity as a Campaigns Manager.

Head of Communications Ref: COM7652

RG worked as Head of Communications at a trade association for 3 months, and prior to that was Head of Communications at an international campaign for 3 months. She has also worked as a Communications Manager for a think tank for 6 months, a Communications Consultant at in the public sector for 5 months, and Head of Marketing in the corporate sector for 4 months. She is now looking for a permanent role after her experience in contract work.

Communications Manager Ref:COM2465

CY has spent the majority of her career working for in Australia ranging from Senior Policy and Communications Officer to Communications& Change Manager. She has good management skills and worked with a team of 4 reports. She has been in London for 3 years and has a civil servant background. She has strong experience with innovative communications for all stakeholders, crisis communications including press releases, events management and writing for the website and social media platforms.

Communications Manager Ref: P2094

A, until recently, was a Communications Advisor in a government department. Previously, the Digital Editor at Local World and Communications Officer at Carbon Brief. Also, a Media Assistant for an international NGO.

Communications Manager Ref:COM8002

KR is a highly experienced communications manager with a specialism in working across membership led bodies. He has led on communications for two national membership organisations and has ten years of experience working in and around Westminster.He has good management experience. He has had one direct permanent report, plus interns at the same time and project management experience – (managed large event project teams.

Communications & Campaigns Manager Ref: C1342

B’s most recent role was with a very large national charity as an External Affairs & Communications Officer. Prior to this she worked for an MEP for 2 years. She has also worked for a social care campaign as a Senior Campaigns Officer. Her most significant role was with an environmental campaign, where she worked as a Campaigner for 3 years.

Head of Digital Ref: DIG1583

ST is Head of Digital at a health campaign where he worked on a contract role for 9 months. Before this he was Digital Communications Manager for a trade body for just under 2 years. ST also worked with another health campaign as a Digital Communications Manager, and prior to that was Head of Digital at for a major national non-profit for a year and a half.

Head of Digital Ref: DIG3589

TF was the Head of Digital for a major disability charity and also Head Digital Executive for in the public sector. He also worked as Head Digital Marketing and Social Media in a government department between 2013-2014. After working in contract roles, TF is looking to move into a permanent role.

Head of Digital Ref: DIG791 

Currently, YN is Head of Digital at an animal welfare campaign, and has worked with their since 2007. Prior to that, he was a Web Manager in the commercial sector, where he worked for about 3 and a half years. YN also worked as a Web Developer for over 3 and a half years at the beginning of his career.

Head of Digital Ref: DIG2132

DD has been Digital Communications Manager in the education sector for 18 months. Before that, he was Head of Digital at a national disability charity for almost 6 years. Prior to that, DD worked for 2 years at an international marketing company as a News and Online Editor.

Media & PR Manager Ref:MED1192

MB has been a communications manager for the last 4 years. He has broad communications experience and has managed budgets. He is extremely passionate; he is a motivated and focused induvial and because of his background within HR and as a head of staff, consistently excels with team targets and performance. He is very well versed in many media platforms, both corporate and external, and has an eye for detail coupled with a passion for producing excellent results in the field of communication campaigns.

Head of Media/Communications Manager Ref:MED1238

ST has over 10 years’ managerial experience focusing on communications in complex International companies. She was a Senior Communications Manager at a commercial organisation for 4 years. With good team management and leadership skills, managing a team of 4.She has a good mix of strategic communications, internal, external, change management, marketing, digital and events. She has delivered numerous successful internal and external communications campaigns, spread across varied audiences. As a skilled copywriter, she is able to take complex and confusing material and turn it into something easy to understand – but memorable at the same time.

Head of Media/Communications Manager Ref:MED7922

RD is a senior communications manager with over 25 years’ experience. He has consistently managed teams of 3-4 reports. He has worked across commercial, voluntary and international development sectors and has extensive knowledge of broader communications. He has been a consultant for the last 6 years and worked on large scale projects for international development clients. He now wants to return to a full time permanent role with an organisation he feels passionate about.

Head of Media/Communications Ref:MED1988

JB is an excellent communications specialist with experience in digital, writing, stakeholder engagement and managing teams of up to 15 staff members. She has experience within public and private sectors and has a civil servant background. Her last two roles were at management level, at a public sector body she was dealing with staff communications and stakeholder engagement and currently she develops and delivers communications strategy for the charity including internal communications, newsletter’s and social media, managing the websites and turning key themes into creative concepts.

Senior Media Officer Ref: P476

E currently works at an educational charity as a Media Officer. Previously, 2 years at a health charity as their Communications Officer. 3 years at a human rights campaign becoming their Communications Officer.

Head of Public Affairs Ref: PAF5122

LS is currently working at an international campaign as the Head of Public Affairs and Communication, and has been in his post for 4 years. Prior to this, he worked at the an animal welfare charity and was their Parliamentary Officer for 1 year, followed by a Senior Public Affairs Officer for 18 months.

Public Affairs Manager Ref: PAF5552

LN has worked as a Public Affairs Manager at a trade body for 2 years. Prior to that he was a Parliamentary Officer at a housing campaign, where he worked for around 2 years. Before this role he worked at a justice campaign as a Campaigns Officer for 18 months.

Public Affairs Manager Ref: PAF5267

SL is currently a Senior Public Affairs Officer at a health charity and has worked there now for 1 year. Before this role, SL was a Research Consultant for 2 years at a public affairs agency. Prior to this she was a Campaign Coordinator for 7 months at charity.

Press & PR Manager Ref: P1342

Y has been a Press Officer at a London Borough for over a year. He has also spent 20 months as a Press Officer for a MEP. Worked for a major social welfare charity for nearly 2 years as a Senior Press Officer. Briefly for 7 months worked as Senior Press Officer for a sport organisation. Spent a year at a disability charity as their Senior Press Officer. Over 5 years as Senior Press Officer at a professional body and 4 years as Press Officer at an international organisation.

Press & PR Manager Ref: P3542

E is currently Senior Press Officer at major social welfare charity. A 1 year contract as Communications Officer with an animal welfare charity. Senior Media Officer at a health charity and Senior Media & Communications Officer at a social welfare charity. Press Officer at another major animal welfare charity. Significant journalist experience.

Press & PR Manager Ref: P2209

A is currently at a health charity as their Senior Press Officer. A four month contract at homeless people’s charity as their Press Officer. At a health professionals organisation she was their Media Officer for over 2 years. Communications and Information Officer for over 2 years at an educational organisation. 18 months at a health charity as their Communications Officer. 18 months at an environmental organisation as their Press Officer. 5 years in a government department becoming a Senior Communications Officer.

Senior Press Officer Ref: P2094

I has been a Press Officer in a government department for over 3 years. Spent over 4 years as a Senior Press Officer with a London Borough.

About The Right Ethos

The Right Ethos was set up after our founder, Jonathan Dearth, had worked in the campaigning sector for 13 years, for campaigning organisations including Amnesty International, Shelter, Liberty and the World Development Movement. It was set up as a response to multi-sector recruitment consultancies moving in on the charity sector, and in particular not recognising that people who work for campaigning organisations are motivated by justice and long term change.