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Evie Papada

Evie Papada

Whilst Campaign Coordinator at Amnesty International

Who is the campaigner you admire the most?
The campaigner I admire the most is Sarah Duthie. She is a campaigner at Greenpeace.

Apart from your current organisation which other organisation that campaigns do you currently admire?
‘War on Want’- They seem to campaign on very topical issues and they have the most updated campaign calendar: the messages they send through are original and it urges you to take action.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career in campaign today?
I would urge them to remind themselves that we campaign in order to foster change and not just to raise awareness on issues – i would also advice them to spend enough time planning their campaign strategies and always evaluate the work at different stages of the campaign development.

What 3 things make a good campaigner?

      Good preparation and planning of the campaign strategy.
      Creativity and boldness in decision making.
      Ability to deliver the campaign message in such a way that it is simple, catchy, using as few words as possible.

Which of these three things do campaigners have most of?

Campaigners have all of the above things to a lesser or greater extent – campaigning is both an art and a science, so campaigners tend to be creative and also good at creating thorough plans and effective strategies.

Which of the 3 is missing the most…

Most campaigners are not paying enough attention to the preparation and planning process – as they tend to apply strategies that have proved successful in previous campaigns but they don’t necessarily work for all campaigns.

Are organisations getting better at campaigning….

There are more campaigning tools out there now and new information tech has helped those organisation that know how to use them effectively to become better at campaigning.

If you weren’t a campaigner what would you be?

I would be a painter or a musician – I would find another way to channel my artistic abilities.