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How does your salary & CV compare?

We’ve been doing some analysis of the figures from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The latest figures on the graduate labour market were released this week.

From this we’ve found that the average salary for a graduate at:

26 years old is £24,000
43 years old is £31,500

The average salary of all 43 year olds in full-time paid employment would be significantly higher. As you need to take into account what many 43 years olds are up to at this stage of life. Many are parents and not in work. This is also an age where people are beginning to leave London and so earn less. If you want to find out what your value is in the UK market place – not just in the charity sector, then this website may be a bit of fun. Upload your CV and they will assess your skills.

If you do so, please send me your figures – the difference between your current salary in the not-for-profit sector and what the website thinks. Value your CV:

If I get enough feedback, then I will provide some information on the difference. All feedback will be in strict confidence and I will not use the figures individually, just collectively to see what averages are.

Please email it to