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Job-Hunting Tips During The Pandemic

It’s a difficult time for us all now and the future may not look as certain as it did a few months ago. Employment, naturally, has been hit hard in general, with businesses closing up overnight, staff members furloughed and job losses seen.

Those of you who do now find yourselves out of work because of the pandemic needn’t lose heart just yet, as many organisations are still actively recruiting candidates – except interviews are being carried out online, instead of in person.

If you have applied for jobs recently, try to be patient when it comes to hearing back, as everyone is working from home by and large, and some processes are likely to take longer as a result.

It might also be a good idea to prepare for video interviews, which you may have never participated in before. Practising beforehand in front of the laptop recording yourself can help you see how you come across and what your tone of voice and body language is like.

On the day of the interview itself, treat it like any other interview on a more normal day. Dress the part and make sure you know if there’s any kind of dress code on the company website. Also think about what’s behind you and clear away any clutter, so it’s easy for your interviewers to see you.

Those of you considering a change in direction at the moment because of the pandemic could benefit from free career coaching, which can help you get your next role or help you make more informed decisions about your future. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with The Right Ethos today.