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Lizzie Jeans

Lizzie Jeans

Whilst Campaigns Consultant at End Child Poverty

Lizzie is freelance campaigner. She was previously Campaigns Manager at Help the Aged and has worked for the Methodist Church, People & Planet and Christian Aid.
Apart from your current organisation which other organisations that campaign do you admire?
Shelter, Christian Aid, RNID and YWCA.

Who is the campaigner you most admire?
Guy Hughes of Crisis Action and People & Planet. Guy was a fantastic campaigner who was tragically killed in an accident in 2006. I worked with Guy at People & Planet and he was a huge influence on my development as a campaigner – especially the need to think about levers of power and influence. The Sheila McKechnie Foundation has a award for young campaigners in his memory.

Is there a campaigning organisation that you would like to see the back of?

What advice would you give someone starting their career in campaigning today?
Being someone who’s easy to get on with and who delivers goes a long way. Make as many contacts as you can and keep in touch with people. Think of opportunities for collaborative working.

What three things make a good campaigner?
Drive and tenacity, strategic thinking and strong networking skills.

Which of these three do you have most of?
I can be a good networker and enjoy spotting opportunities to work with others.

Which of these three do you think is missing most out of people who campaign or want to?
The ability to always be thinking strategically at where you want to achieve change and looking at the balance of power, appropriately targeting your chosen audience at key times, where you can have most impact. Campaigners, including myself, often have so many demands, you can lose sight of your key objectives.

Generally are organisations getting better at campaigning since you began your career? If so, what’s changed?
More organisations are campaigning and there is a more crowded market. The public has a greater understanding of campaigning but is also more savvy about campaigning techniques. However, despite the increasing number of organisations who have campaign supporters, it is the same few organisations who are are able to genuinely mobilise large numbers of people to demonstrate.

If you weren’t a campaigner, what would you be?
A journalist.