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Lockdown Drives Change In Charity Communications

A new survey has revealed that the last few months of lockdown have had an impact on how charities communicate with their supporters, with the use of digital channels skyrocketing and 71 per cent increasing social media use.

The Rapidata study found that 62 per cent of charities also increased their use of email, Third Force News reports, with 75 per cent of survey respondents saying they expect their increased use of digital media to continue.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, online events saw a big uptick in first-time use as well, while more traditional methods of communication such as mail and the telephone, rose as well, as a result of in-person fundraising having to be suspended over lockdown.

Rapidata lead Scott Gray was quoted by the news source as saying: “While we all hope to avoid another pandemic, what’s certain is that other crises and recessions will occur. It’s critical then that charities prepare for this by learning from others’ experiences and taking action to mitigate future risk.”

Social media sites may see less communication from charities in the near future, however, with a new coalition having just formed to tackle the issue of hate speech on these forums.

Thus far, 37 charities in the UK have agreed to pause their Facebook ads, saying that not enough is being done to prevent posts that incite hate and violence – messages that no one should have to see day to day and particularly not when they’re using sites to find help, support and access to ongoing information.

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