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Lucy Tweedie


Whilst Director at Advocacy Associates

Apart from your current organisation which other organisations that campaign do you admire?
Friends of the Earth – for their wide public reach and outsider advocacy stance
Oxfam – for their creative public presence and strong policy and lobbying
Wateraid – for their impressive evidence-based advocacy work

Who is the campaigner you most admire?
Shami Chakrabarti from Liberty. She combines a strategic approach with very clear media messages on challenging areas of debate.

Is there a campaigning organisation that you would like to see the back of?
Migration Watch – for their negative impact on the public debate about immigration.

What advice would you give someone starting their career in campaigning today?
Select the organisations carefully and check that they have advocacy work embedded in policy and programmes rather than just fundraising.

Work on an issue you feel passionately about.

Gain experience in a variety of organisations particularly in relation to ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’ advocacy and work out where you feel politically most comfortable.

Base all your campaigning work on a clear strategy and objectives.

What three things make a good campaigner?

      Strategic mind
      Creativity and instinct
      Ability to communicate with a wide range of people

Which of these three do most campaigners have most of?
Creativity and instinct

Which of these three do you think is missing most out of people who campaign or want to?
Strategic mind

Generally are organisations getting better at campaigning since you began your career? If so, what’s changed?
Advocacy with Southern partners in the case of International Development Organisations has been strengthened over the last ten years. Issues around legitimacy still exist.

Coalition working has also improved the public understanding of campaigning

Working in coalitions has led to considerable learning for the organisations involved.

There has been a greater recognition of the need for advocacy and campaigning as a means for change across the voluntary sector.

If you weren’t a campaigner, what would you be?
Documentary maker

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