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Newly registered candidates

Please find below a small sample of our candidates that we have selected and registered to our database during this month.

The Right Ethos has the largest database in the UK of external affairs candidates currently in the non-profit sector – over 8,000.

If you are interested in finding out about any of the candidates below and similar candidates, please contact and quote the reference number.


Head of Campaigns                                                                                                          Ref: C1664

R is currently at an animal welfare campaign as their Interim Head of Campaigns. Before that she worked at a community campaign as their Interim Campaigns Manager.

She has also worked at an international NGO as a Campaign Leader and with a children’s rights campaign as an Interim Campaigns Manager.

For nearly 6 years she worked at a disability campaign as a Campaigns Manager.


Head of Campaigns                                                                                                            Ref: C1726

M currently works as Campaign Manager with a disability campaign. Prior to this she worked as Interim Campaign Manager with a health charity.

M was a Campaign Manager at a social justice campaign for 3 years. And she has worked at a disability charity. Previously she worked for 7 years as Director of Policy for a medical association.


Public Campaigns Manager                                                                                            Ref: CP7224

A currently works for an environmental campaign as their Public Campaigner, a role he has had for 2 and a half years. Prior to that he worked for an animal campaign as a Campaigns Officer for 3 and half years.

He has a part-time role as Events Manager for over 2 years with a company who had international NGO clients.

A spent nearly 4 years with an environmental campaign becoming their Assistant Campaigns Officer.


Campaigns Manager                                                                                                            Ref: C9539

J’s most recent role was with a children rights campaign as a Project Manager, where he worked for nearly 2 years.

Prior to that he worked on a 6 month contract as Local Campaigns Co-ordinator with a health campaign. And a contract with a disability campaign as their Campaigns Manager.

Previous roles include Head of Campaigns with a young people’s charity. J has also worked as Head of Public Affairs with a health campaign for 2 years. And Senior Campaigns Manager with another health charity for 3 years.


Social Marketing/Public Awareness Manager                                                        Ref: PA4534

L’s experience is in social marketing and public awareness. Currently he works in a government department as their Communications Manager (Engagement), where he has been for 3 years.

Before that he worked as a Campaign Communications Manager with another government department. He has also worked for with Defra as a Consultant


External Affairs Manager                                                                                                Ref: EA5623

U is currently the External Affairs Adviser at a trade association where he has worked for nearly 5 years where he plans and delivers campaigns and engagement strategies.

Previously he was Campaigns Manager with an arts charity for 2 and half years. He also has a strong background in activism through his party political work.


Policy Manager                                                                                                                    Ref: P5553

N is a policy professional, with experience of identifying and developing evidence-based policy positions.

Since 2011, N has been employed as a Policy and Campaigns Manager with a health charity. Previously, for 3 years she worked at an environmental charity where she led a small team of support staff and volunteers to set up and deliver a successful service for adults with disabilities.


Policy Manager                                                                                                                     Ref: P4403

S has worked on issues related to disability for the majority of his policy career, including in his current role as Senior Policy Adviser advocating on behalf of people a health charity.

Previously, Alex was Senior Policy Officer at charity body for 3 years and a Research at a think tank for 2 years.


Head of Policy                                                                                                                        Ref: P8235

T was Head of UK Policy for over 8 years. He is a very experienced team leader and team builder with strong policy experience developed during a career of over 20 years. T has worked for a health campaign and an arts charity


Policy Manager                                                                                                                     Ref: P7623

M has over 20 years’ experience’ practical experience working in the public sector during which time he led on a number of policy programmes and initiatives.

Previously he was Director of Policy at a community campaign in London for nearly 4 years,


Policy Manager                                                                                                                    Ref: P8234

K describes her strengths as: development and project management of public affairs and policy research strategy, strong understanding of the policy and legislative workings of UK parliament and government, confident presenter to government, political and research audiences, line management of junior staff.

K is currently an interim Senior Policy Officer at a gender campaign. Previously, she was Senior Public Affairs Advisor at a trade association for approaching a year and a half, and a Policy Adviser at a think tank for 3 years.


Senior Policy Officer                                                                                                       Ref: P1568

R has an extensive understanding of disability policy issues developed through her work at two charities. She has 5 years’ experience, including nearly 2 years as a Policy Advisor –and nearly 2 years as Communications Officer.


Communications & Campaigns Manager                                                               Ref: C1342

B’s most recent role was with a very large national charity as an External Affairs &
Communications Officer. Prior to this she worked for a MEP for 2 years. She has also worked
for a social care campaign as a Senior Campaigns Officer. Her most significant role was with an
environmental campaign, where she worked as a Campaigner for 3 years.


Public Affairs Manager/Officer                                                                                Ref: C1865

W currently works for a disability campaign as a Senior Public Affairs Officer. Prior to this she
worked for 2 year with another disability organisation as their Policy and Public Affairs Officer.
She has had roles in policy development.


Head of Public Affairs/Policy                                                                                   Ref: P634

Until last year R worked as Head of Public Affairs and Policy for nearly 4 years. He has also
worked as External Relations Manager for. R has also worked as the Parliamentary Officer for a
health campaign for over 7 years.


Head of Policy                                                                                                               Ref: C398

L has recently finished a maternity leave cover role with a social justice campaign as their
Head of Policy. Prior to that L worked for a social care campaign as a Policy Manager.


Policy Manager                                                                                                           Ref: P456

M has recently worked for an environmental campaign for 5 years as a Policy Manager. Prior to
that M worked in the public sector as a Senior Policy Advisor for nearly 6 years.


Policy Manager                                                                                                          Ref: P466

L currently works for a social justice campaign in a policy role. Before this she has a temporary
role as a Policy Analyst with a health campaign. Prior to this L gained 6 years policy experience
in her home country of Australia working in the public and higher education sector.


Policy Manger                                                                                                           Ref: P504

For the last two years, H has worked in policy for the civil service. Prior to this he worked
jointly for a disability campaign as a Policy and Campaigns Officer for 2 and a half years. He
has also worked for social justice campaign for over 4 years in a Policy Officer role.


Campaigns Manager                                                                                            Ref: C1844

K is a campaigner – he has set up a consultancy which he has taken on various interim
contracts. Most recently he has led the campaigning work of a health charity. He is adaptable
and can apply his experience and knowledge to various causes.


Head of Campaigns                                                                                            Ref: C1684

For the last four years, S has worked for an animal welfare charity as a Campaigns manager.
He has also worked for a year as a Policy and Campaigns Manager with an education charity.
Prior to this he worked for in a political role for within the public sector. He is a confident,
capable and intelligent individual.


Campaigns Manager                                                                                        Ref: C520

For four years, he has worked for an international campaign as their Campaigns Manager. He
has also worked for the two years he spent towards the start of his career in the Campaign’s
department at Oxfam in a communications role


Head of Campaigns                                                                                           Ref: C875

Most recently she was the Acting Director of a human rights campaign having arrived there as a Campaigns Manager. Prior to that she has worked as a freelance campaigns and media consultant for 2 years. She has also worked for two and a half years as Campaigns Co-ordinator for an animal rights campaign. She has also worked for an environmental campaign in Canada and in the UK. She has also worked for various Canadian campaigns over an eight year period and has worked as a journalist Head of Campaigns. She currently has a senior campaigning role with an international NGO. Prior to this, K worked for nearly three years as Head of Programmes with a mid-sized international human rights campaign. She has been a Project Manager for nearly three years with a domestic human rights campaign. She has also been the Acting Director for and international children’s campaign. She began her career at a large human rights campaign where she worked as a Campaigns Coordinator for ten years.


Campaigns Officer/Manager                                                                          Ref: C988

He is currently a Campaigns Officer with a disability campaign and has been in this role for five and a half years. He has been responsible for a major national public health campaign. He has also previously worked in the Press Office for a health campaign.


About The Right Ethos

The Right Ethos was set up after our founder, Jonathan Dearth, had worked in the campaigning sector for 13 years, for campaigning organisations including Amnesty International, Shelter, Liberty and the World Development Movement. It was set up as a response to multi-sector recruitment consultancies moving in on the charity sector, and in particular not recognising that people who work for campaigning organisations are motivated by justice and long term change.