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Brexit Survey Quotes from Charity Leaders

“The risk is that it could affect our ability to make legal challenges on behalf of our clients as there may be significantly less protection for certain groups and on certain issues, such as rights for women, children and migrant groups.”   

Alison Garnham, CEO at Child Poverty Action Group

“There are lots of threats – primarily to funding, and even more importantly to negative policy change, as a result of the power shift to the right in the government. But there are lots of opportunities – if the anti-Tory parties team up to get the Tories out and bring in proportional representation. If we get that, it will all be worthwhile – as it will make longterm progress on everything else possible. Proportional representation is now the single highest priority.”   

Martin Drewry is speaking in a personal capacity, ‎Director of Health Poverty Action

“Makes public funding and public and private investment less certain. Possible effects of inflation and recession. Will limit labour supply.”   

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive at Living Streets

“Inevitable economic downturn affecting income. Probable reduction in environmental protection externally and a more conservative approach to investments and innovation internally. Possible Scottish independence.” 

Benedict Southworth, Former Chief Executive at The Ramblers

“It will politically excuse some people from taking action ‘until we live in more certain times’.” 

Sam Dick, Director of Campaigns and Communications at Dignity in Dying and Compassion in Dying

“We work in medical research so the removal of EU funding sources for researchers is a problem, as will be the resulting increased pressure on UK funding pots. We are also worried about a science ‘brain drain’ and of course the real risk of another recession.” 

Sarah Johnson, Director of Mission at Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

“We are a membership body and our members may be affected by loss of funding and potential changes to policy and legislation currently underpinned by EU legislation” 

Anne Fox, Director at The Communication Trust

“We will no longer be able to campaign for a change in EU policy, we are now a bigger fish in a very much smaller – less influential pond. I’m very concerned about the impact of financial uncertainty or a recession will have on our income.” 

Sara Apps, Interim Director at Palestine Solidarity Campaign

“People with dementia will find it harder to get support if economic contraction results in an even more of a squeeze on the NHS and local authority budgets.” 

Amy Dalrymple

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