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Tel: 01227 639768

“There’s no point advertising yet – no one’s looking for jobs in the run up to Christmas”

That’s true, but don’t start the great seasonal tidy up just yet. Candidates do have other things on their minds but they aren’t looking because they think you aren’t recruiting!

However, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to work with The Right Ethos. He would say that wouldn’t he, I hear you say.  But let me explain why. Advertising doesn’t work at this time of the year (although you’ve probably also heard recruitment advertising doesn’t work anymore either and there’s also an argument for that)

But, candidates are keen to hear about jobs and we contact them right up to a few days before Christmas. They pick up their phones or meet with us because they’re keen to advance their career. If you think about it, you would too if you were about to find out about a great job from an agency which always gets it right for you.

Sourcing candidates is particularly good for us at this time of year as we cream off the best candidates before the mad rush of adverts which inevitably hit the job boards in January.

We have the largest database in the UK of external affairs, communications and campaigns staff. That, together with our extensive networks built through my 24 years employed in External Affairs for organisations including Shelter, Amnesty International and Save the Children allows us to identify and contact candidates quickly and efficiently, whether they’re actively looking at job adverts or not.

We have a range of successful recruitment methods and prices, including a reduced service at only 7.5% of salary, and collaborative working which comes with a 12 month guarantee on our candidates.

If you want to talk about how we can help, please give me a call 07726 562716 or drop me an email –